Topics such as new theories and methods to integrate emerging systems into dynamic transportation network analysis, methods to coherently integrate DTA models with increasingly available data, methods for large-scale computation, and real world DTA case studies are particularly encouraged, in addition to classical DTA topics such as

  • The dynamic route and/or departure time choice
  • within-day dynamic equilibrium
  • day-to-day dynamic processes
  • dynamic network loading and traffic simulation (micro/meso/macro)
  • dynamic link flow models and node models
  • solution algorithms and properties
  • dynamic OD estimation
  • dynamic traffic control and management
  • online dynamic models
  • activity-based modeling and analysis
  • travel behavior and travel choice principles
  • mathematical foundations for networked ODE/PDE systems with routing functions at nodes.
  • Control theoretic approaches to network flow dynamics
  • game theory on networks, Nash-Stackelberg games
  • novel dynamic transport applications (smart transport, intelligent transportation systems, shared vehicles/taxis, connected and autonomous vehicles, electric and green vehicles, public transport, bike repositioning, dynamic vehicle routing)